Cartooning Made Easy

cartooningCartooning Made Easy

(a fun book recommended for all ages)

For many years this “How to” book was a successful classroom reference and workbook as the author taught students of all ages to “Have Fun with a Pencil”.  Now available to everyone, page after page of this fun book teaches the aspiring cartoonist how to create images that make friends and family laugh and say, “You did that!!?!”  In easy to follow directions & examples, you’ll soon be saying, “I never knew I could do that!”   Starting with “two dots…and a smile”, you’ll learn techniques you can use for a lifetime of enjoyment for yourself & others.  Hank’s Tip:  “Don’t miss the Tips!”

Black & white drawings  |  121 pages  |  8″ × 10″  |  $17 + $3 S&H

Click Here To Order This Book 

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