Bronze Sculpture by Hank Richter

Proficient in all of the art media, Hank’s ability and talent as a sculptor has been recognized nationwide. His work has been included in the very prestigious book of American sculptors, “Bronzes of the American West” by author, Pat Broder. Selected examples of this exceptional sculptural work are displayed here for your enlightenment and enjoyment. As Hank is currently concentrating on a number of other artistic approaches and projects, these limited edition bronzes are not available for purchase at this time. Again, you are encouraged to use the provided web site email address link in the ” contact us” section.

Please click on any of the thumbnail pictures below to see an enlarged view. Interesting sculpture notes, are included for each item.

Art of the Cowboy

One response to “Sculpture

  1. Hank, this is JEFF Wright, from Heritage Mint LTD, you might remember my Dad Dale. I would like to take to you and get cough up on the past. You did art work for us back in the 70s, and I found the art work in the archives today. Western Savings I believe was the costumer . We still have all the buckles after 30 years in the archives.

    606 319 6024

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