Cool Stuff About Animals

Cool Stuff About Animals Book Two

Cool Stuff About Animals Book OneNEW and NEWER!
Cool Stuff About Animals…
and now Cool Stuff About Animals BOOK TWO!

Yes! Ants REALLY ARE strong and, Yes! you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Children of all ages will laugh at Hank’s original and humorous illustrations while learning what’s a myth and what’s a fact about their favorite animals. Working in concert, C. W. and Hank have created another myth-busting, information-filled, page-turning fun “Cool Stuff About Animals”, adding more animals and “cool stuff” that will amaze and delight readers of all ages. Hank will personalize your book with an original drawing that includes the child’s name(s).

Hank Richter & C. Warren Gruenig  | 8.5″ x 8.5″ |  53/61 pages  |  $17 + $3 S&H

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