Look, Look, I’m Writing A Book

Look LookLook, Look, I’m Writing A Book

(recommended for readers ages 4-7 or as a Lapsitter learning book)

Educators agree, the sooner children learn to read, understand words and how they’re used, the better foundation the child has for future growth. “Look, Look..” is the first in a series of brightly illustrated, humorous, thought-provoking books that teach children through rhymes and art to recognize and understand words and their meanings by choosing the right word, aided by the illustrations, to correctly complete the rhyme. When the correct word is written in the blank with each rhyme, your child has “written” their book!!

Full color illustrations by Hank  |  44 pages  |  6.5″ × 9″  |  $17 + $3 S&H

Click Here To Order This Book 

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