The City of Peoria purchased one of Hank’s major watercolors, “Now Here’s the Plan”, for its permanent public art collection.

Now Here's The Plan

Now Here’s The Plan

Hank’s Grand Canyon oil painting, “Hear the Winds Whisper”, was purchased by the City of Glendale, Arizona’s Art Commission and added to the city’s permanent art collection.

Hank’s sculpture, a major bronze titled, “Cousin Jacks”, was purchased by the Sterling Hill Mining Museum of Ogdensburg, NJ. The sculpture depicts two Welsh miners using a “double jack hammer set up”. One of Sterling’s mineral specimens, a collector quality of zinc quartz was incorporated into the piece, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

The Award of Excellence was won by Hank for his pencil drawing, “Back to the Herd” at the 2011 Peoria Fine Arts Assn. Spring Membership Exhibition. His pencil drawing, “Working the Corral” won First Place in Drawing and his watercolor painting, “Sam, Sara and Spade”, received Honorable Mention at the annual Peoria Celebration of Artists.

New Art

Hank is very excited to share that he’s recently revisited his past and has been having a lot of fun painting in a new Contemporary genre and creating a fresh “Richter look”—the subjects are light and contemporary and the colors are vivid and bright. They’ll put a smile on your face..guaranteed! Hank unveiled three of the new paintings at the Peoria Fine Arts Ann. Fall 2010 Membership Exhibition and won an Award of Excellence for “Happy Hour”. These new works of art are shown on the website—click on “Toot” to visit the gallery.

Current & Upcoming Shows

In April, Hank participated in the San Dimas Festival of Arts. A fun part of the Festival for Hank is a Quick Draw—artists have 45 minutes to create a finished piece of art, which is then auctioned. Hank’s watercolor painting, “Bringing Up Two Big Ones” won the Silver Medal in the Watercolor/Acrylic category.

Hank’s bronze sculpture, “Coming Off the Fight” won the Chairman’s Award and 1st Place in Sculpture at AZ Art Alliance’s “Honoring Our Veterans” show.  Three of Hank’s new paintings, “8 Clicks to the Front”, “A Weapon of War” and “War is Hell” , capturing images of the Vietnam conflict, were exhibited in the Veterans Art Exhibit at the Phoenix City Hall Gallery. Hank was one of the speakers at the press conference held by Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton unveiling the show.

Currently Hank is one of three artists featured in the West Valley Art Museum’s “Get the Lead Out” exhibit on view through August 15 at the Phoenix City Hall Art Gallery, 8401 W. Monroe St., Peoria.

Art of the Cowboy

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